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Lendau AB is all about how to optimizing growth and minimizing risk through corporate governance. We are not your ordinary consultants we want to take a long view on our relationship and become a true partner. We want to help you to row the boat, be in the same boat.


We at Lendau Capital also want to take on big hairy goals • Be part of and do epic things • Explore the best opportunities in established and emerging markets • Work with interesting business concepts • Be fast and opportunistic • Do cross trend conclusions and optimizations • Focus across markets and boundaries • Accelerate growth through the different stages of business • Adopt a new leadership style for this new business world • Work in a sustainable way • Find the best growth markets through market and adjacency mapping • Develop thread strategies around a higher purpose, not just the pursuit of profit • Change Business Logics • Innovate concepts and markets, rather than just developing products • Understand customers more deeply by immersion in their different worlds • Make brands more tangible and relevant through customer value propositions • Harness the power of market networks and communities, physically and virtually • Help treat big deceases • Energize my colleagues by creating a fast workplace and creative work style • Make change happen that people want, and sustain a new way of working • Do good karma activities • Work the decentralized capitalism way • Deliver results that have extraordinary business, market and personal impact • Live a healthy and fantastic life with our families and friends, be curious and learn

We are leaders and troubleshooters, active owners, chairman, audit committee chairmen, board member and/or a permanent or interim managers with an interest in building people and organizations. We work within commercialization of high tech and more specifically in NanoTech, MedTech, BioTech as well as Biomaterial. We are part owner in a few interesting private and listed companies, engaged in six company boards, four as Chairman of the Board and one Audit Committee Chair, mentor to some high level managers and consultant to a number of companies.






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